Telemark Trade AS Longlife Silicon Batterien This battery is always an absolutely reliable partner on-board. The Telemark Trade AS Long-life Silicon AGM Deep-Cycle battery is a VRLA battery for several applications with high continuous currents. You can charge and discharge up to 9 times (up to 950 cycles at 50% discharge or up to 750 cycles at 75% discharge at 25°C) as much as with a commercial battery. This is absolutely market-leading in our opinion. This can be only reached through the using of most massive flat plates and an own developed silicon technology. Furthermore, the internal resistance decreases due this Silicon technology. Therefore, you can discharge in combination through deep cycle ability the battery up to 30% more current consumption as a commercial battery. This battery is also high temperature resistance based on this For The Love Of Money technology. The housing of the battery consists of the latest ABS technology. The internal construction is very sturdy and also shock resistant. The battery is additionally position insensitive and therefore it can be mounted in every position.